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04 25 09
phantomjam: (Inigo Montoya)
I really wish that the university Classics faculty would actually learn to communicate with each other and stop scheduling core lectures that clash. As it stands a few of us are going to have to draw up some kind of complicated table to make sure that there's at least one of us in every lecture to take notes and get handouts. Annoying.

Anyway, I'm done with my lovely welcome-back-to-a-new-term exams, which were rather failtastic to say the least. I'm not at all looking forward to getting those results back, but I've had enough time to dull the pain with judicial application of friends, pizza and The Princess Bride (♥!).

You know, I'd somehow managed to forget how ridiculously fun that film is (I need to get hold of the book). Inigo! Vizzini! The Rodents Of Unsusal Size! Humperdinck in all his campy glory, and oh how fantastically campy he is, it's a wonder Buttercup was ever taken in by that marriage business; she really isn't the brightest of young women. Ah, the last time I watched that film I was too young to get the 'never get involved in a land war in Asia' line but, oh, Vizzini, how my love for you increases. I even love the painfully obvious painted backdrops and the really cheesy music. That film just is my childhood.

Also, randomly: my new ambition in life is to buy all the soundtracks to Battlestar Galactica. Bear McCreary, you, sir, are a god.

04 26 09 (UTC) - I've always loved that icon
brenna: The face of a mysterious pretty lady, in brass (Default)
...Painted backdrops, you say? Painfully obvious ones?

I've never noticed them :c
04 26 09 (UTC) - Re: I've always loved that icon
phantomjam: (Arthur - dappled light)
I never noticed them when I was younger, but the other day? Oh, they were there. Personally I think it just adds to the nostalgic charm ;)
04 27 09 (UTC)
puckling: (Default)
I love the Princess Bride. So much love.
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