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happiness meme day 7, or 'there's always money in the banana stand' 
05 03 09
phantomjam: (Arthur - 'sup)
- Attempted valiantly to make golden syrup dumplings today with J (thank you Microwave Association UK and your microwave recipes page) and failed miserably. Fortunately the dumplings (well, they came out more as a sort of... biscuity thing, but let's not nitpick) were still edible. Therefore: sugar high and uncontrollable giggle fits with [ profile] fridge_monkey. Good times. Unfortunately this all means that my sink is full of dirty plates left to soak in the hopes that when I wake up they will no longer be crusted with burnt syrup that may as well be welded on for all the good a knife will do in trying to pry it off. Fun times, though ;D

- Got all my work handed in in time for my deadlines today \o/

- Marathoned a few episodes of Arrested Development after the awesomely failtastic dumpling dinner. Gob is my favourite so far, and I'm definitely developing a taste for the show; it's all kinds of ridiculous awesome and everyone in it is stark raving mad in the best possible way.
05 04 09 (UTC)
sophieisgod: ([film] don't you discriminate at all?)
Ohh, man, Arrested Development brings me giddy amounts of joy. GOB! I love him inappropriately.
05 04 09 (UTC) - you're gonna get hop-ons
waketosleep: signboard saying 'I have seen the truth and it doesn't make sense' (AD - Busty Buster)
Arrested Development is a thing of beauty. I love them all but I think my favouritest is Tobias. This would be because David Cross ad-libbed most of his lines.
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