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05 21 09
phantomjam: (Default)
Okay, a quick appeal: Celtic mythology/legends! I'm hoping to bring in a clash of Greek and Celtic mythology for that Labours of Heracles Merlin-style fic I was talking about a while back, but I know next to nothing about the Celtic side of things and my Google-fu fails me. Since I'm not exactly enthused about the idea of trying to construct the mythology of an entire culture based solely on a few dodgy wikipedia articles, I'd be incredibly grateful if someone could point me in the direction of some good sources on Celtic religion ♥

I was really hoping to have some fic ready to post tonight (it's been a while, and it makes me twitchy) but that doesn't look like it's going to be happening, so, instead, tah-dah:

Because concrit is love and dearly appreciated. (I am at this point not so much jumping on the bandwagon as wheezing along in its dust ;p)
05 22 09 (UTC)
lilithilien: (fantasy-crown)
Are you looking for Celtic mythology or religion? Because they were pretty distinct for most eras.

It's been ages since I studied this stuff, so there may be more up-to-date sources. But these were from my syllabus back then:

1) Charles Squire's Celtic Myth and Legend, which is considered the classic--it's got Irish myths as well as British Celtic myths like Arthur. (It was orig printed in 1905 so can be kind of stilted to read, but the info is great.)

2) For a really accessible intro to Irish myth in particular, Frank Delaney's Legends of the Celts is excellent. It's kind of an overview of the major Irish legends, and does a good job of connecting them and giving them some context. I don't know if it's still in print but you should be able to find a used copy online or at the library.

3) Finally, if you *really* want to dig into the myths, see if you can find Myles Dillon's There Was A King in Ireland. It's just five oral tales, translated from the Irish, but it gives you an amazing sense of the flow of the language and the way the stories were delivered. Might be more than you want for this tho. ;)
05 22 09 (UTC)
phantomjam: (Default)
Are you looking for Celtic mythology or religion? Because they were pretty distinct for most eras.
Well, considering how complete my ignorance currently is regarding either, I'm looking for info on both at the moment.

Thank you so much! Those look awesome and really helpful; library time it is ;)
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