like normal jam, only better
*settles in* 
04 14 09
phantomjam: (Merlin - quirk)
Well, this is fun ♥

I am indeed enjoying poking around over here and I have to say, I like what I see. I'm not sure yet how much of my LJ I'll bring over, aside from the fics, or how, exactly, I'm going to handle things. I see much crossposting in my future. Mostly I'm still in the 'OMG LOOK AT ALL THE SHINY THINGS, WHAT DO I DO FIRST, WHAT COMMS SHALL I JOIN, I SUDDENLY HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A DERANGED GNAT *FLAIL*' stage of the thought process; coherency and some sort of a plan, with any luck, shall follow later ;p

The place to start, I think, is on a mission to find moar people. Everything feels really empty around here since it's all still in the middle of getting set up and there's not much action on the comms. If you happen to stumble across this post from wherever and we have some common interests, go right ahead and add me. I feel sad and alone in this foreign land. *soulful eyes*
04 17 09 (UTC)
nimnod: (Default)
You seem articulate and interesting =) If you don't minds friend who are not into Merlin (it just didn't grab me somehow) then - well, hi. =)
04 17 09 (UTC)
phantomjam: (BSG - Baltar love)
Of course! So long as you're willing to put up with my occasional ranting about it and copious amounts of porny fanfic then that's fine with me ;)

Nice to meet you!
04 19 09 (UTC)
brenna: The face of a mysterious pretty lady, in brass (Default)
04 19 09 (UTC)
phantomjam: (Merlin - quirk)
You cannot resist; they are my most deadly weapon.
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