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H'okay, I should really not be posting now, seeing as I am nominally in the middle of my Greek prose composition that I really, really need to finish by tomorrow if I intend to meet all my deadlines but I'm also on a massive sugar high and thus my judgment is critically impaired (as in to the point where jokes like 'swine flu - hey does that mean the pigs flew?' become hysterically funny). So yes, microwave brownie-in-a-mug with syrup + endorphins from the evening run = THE BEST THING EVER (and yes, I do realise that running + syrup brownies of death is possibly defeating the object, hence why the twice-weekly run is now becoming a thrice-weekly run starting tomorrow morning).

Went to the cinema and saw 'The State of Play' last night.Helen Mirren has the most AMAZING 'what is this fuckery' expression I have EVER had the pleasure of seeing; I want it iconed so very, very badly. The rest of the film was alright, bar some epic plothole fail (though nothing that I really noticed until thinking about it afterwards). It's not a brilliant film but it's decent enough. The most important thing I took away from it - film trailers, namely 'Public Enemies': JOHNNY DEPP AND CHRISTIAN BALE FACE-OFF, THERE IS NO PART OF THAT THAT IS NOT AWESOME. OR HOT. I am going to see that film if it's the last thing I do. And Star Trek. And the new Terminator film that's coming out, because again, Christian Bale. Not that I'm shallow or anything...

Also I should probably let you guys know that I'm basically going to be on a semi-hiatus for the next 6 weeks, because this term has a killer workload and for the moment it's taking literally all my time just to keep up with deadlines and strive vainly for the semblance of a life (and, for the most part, fail). Thus fandom participation will be sporadic for a while, and also I FAIL AT ANSWERING COMMENTS, SORRY! I DO LOVE AND ADORE YOU ALL THOUGH.

That said I have still managed to knock up the tentative beginnings of a prologue for the epic mythology fic, in which Zeus et al have to relocate from Olympus to Ben Nevis (oh, I amuse myself). And there's 1,500 words of semi-porny Merlin/Morgana knocking round on my hard drive somewhere that I'd hoped to have finished by now before uni ate my life. And M/A hooker AU fic. And all those other fics. Damn. I need to start finishing things. But I have no tiiiiiime. *whines like a whiny thing*

Yeah, this is likely the closest you will ever see me to drunk-or-otherwise-under-the-influence!posting; you have no idea how many typos I had to correct. I will so regret this later. Sugar, how I love thee.
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