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Today has been a day alternately of awesome and of fail. I went out clothes shopping for the first time in a long time and managed to find the two most gorgeous dresses known to man. This was awesome. My mum also owed me a belated nineteenth birthday present, so she bought them for me. This was even more awesome, and I spent an inordinate amount of time prancing gleefully around in changing rooms. One of the dresses has this lovely close-fitting corset-ish bodice-y top (marvel at my descriptive prowess) that does amazing, godly things to my figure. I ♥ it so much. Also, somehow I now seem to be able to fit into a (UK) size 10. How this happened I do not know, but I am not complaining.

So that was all of the good, and then I came home to find to my surprise and delight that I had just been set Latin unseen translation homework, due in for 6.00 on Sunday. I have exams on Thursday and all of Friday. Term does not even start until Monday. I do not approve of this fuckery. Oh, sweet holiday, farewell.

Anyway, how much do I love that DW lets me have up to 200 icons? And that I can upload 43 of them at one time? Very, very much. I did try to tell my brain that no, really, I do not need 15 different icons for any single character, no matter how well Arthur lends himself to suggestive captions; my brain politely disagreed.  So now I have 135 icons. They are shiny. I think I have an unhealthy addiction.

I think I'm going to try importing my LJ over soon; I'll probably keep it private and then figure out how many of my old entries I want hanging round on DW (and how many I can read without cringing at my adolescent wangst) at some later date when I'm feeling less lazy. Out of curiosity, how is everyone else planning on handling this? Are people leaning more towards blank slates or are you thinking more along the lines of effectively duplicate journals? Decisions, decisions.

....and now I realise a new journal means that I have to devise a witty tagging system. Curses.

EDIT: This cross-editing thing is so amazing! It's like ~magic~. *easily entertained by shiny new features* It makes me want to sit around playing games of now-you-see-it, now-you-don't whilst not even logged in to LJ, laughing maniacally over my keyboard. That could just be me, though.
04 14 09 - *settles in*
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Well, this is fun ♥

I am indeed enjoying poking around over here and I have to say, I like what I see. I'm not sure yet how much of my LJ I'll bring over, aside from the fics, or how, exactly, I'm going to handle things. I see much crossposting in my future. Mostly I'm still in the 'OMG LOOK AT ALL THE SHINY THINGS, WHAT DO I DO FIRST, WHAT COMMS SHALL I JOIN, I SUDDENLY HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A DERANGED GNAT *FLAIL*' stage of the thought process; coherency and some sort of a plan, with any luck, shall follow later ;p

The place to start, I think, is on a mission to find moar people. Everything feels really empty around here since it's all still in the middle of getting set up and there's not much action on the comms. If you happen to stumble across this post from wherever and we have some common interests, go right ahead and add me. I feel sad and alone in this foreign land. *soulful eyes*
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