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phantomjam: (Merlin/Morgana - definition)
The fulfillment of the first five prompts that you lovely people left me; various pairings and ratings.

Prompted by [ profile] fortassetu: 'Morgana/Nimueh. Morgana gets lost and find herself on the island. Nimueh can be a spirit presence that can touch humans, or something else, you choose.'

Morgana/Nimueh, PG )

Prompted by [ profile] b_hallward: 'Merlin/Morgana: mad dangerous games.'

Merlin/Morgana, PG-13 )

Prompted by [ profile] xaritomene: 'Arthur + Merlin + Ineffectual Gardening. Including the line, "Are you SURE that's a weed?"'

Merlin/Arthur preslash, G )

Prompted by [ profile] allothi: 'Merlin, the road to hell.'

Gen, PG-13 )

Prompted by [ profile] woldy: 'Merlin/Arthur/Lancelot, 'what are the rules of chivalry in bed?''

Merlin/Arthur/Lancelot, NC-17 )

I have decided in my infinite wisdom that drabbles are awesomely fun, so I'll continue to beg for more prompts - if you want to give me some just comment here, thanks!
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