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02 21 09
phantomjam: (DMC3 - Dante)
The weather's gorgeous today and I'm in a mood to write, so I'm putting out a request: give me prompts and I shall write you drabbles! Any pairing, porn or not porn, gen, whatever you want, just give me some pretty prompts :D
02 21 09 (UTC)
Morgana/Nimueh. Morgana gets lost and find herself on the island. Nimueh can be a spirit presence that can touch humans, or something else, you choose. alskndsk ♥
02 21 09 (UTC)
Merlin/Morgana: mad dangerous games.
02 21 09 (UTC)
OH HAI. ^_^

Just about to post the beginning (only five or so pages :( ) of the HP crossover on my journal. It'll be friends locked until it's finished, but just wanted as much of it as I had done out quickly for you! ^_^

Prompt? Well... if you insist. :DDDD

Arthur + Merlin + Ineffectual Gardening. Including the line, "Are you SURE that's a weed?" *grins and scurries off*
02 21 09 (UTC)
When am I getting the rest? You haven't sent it yet *g* And I do love reading all your pretty WIPs, specially when I get them sent straight to me :)
02 21 09 (UTC)
*grin* You've had all of the HP stuff I've written! But have you not had Merlinella? I'm trying to finish it off now, in between bouts of ebaying. *guilty grin* Would you beta it for me? I've asked smokey2307 as well, but I'd really really appreciate you looking it over as well? *pleads with puppy dog eyes* Gimme a plot and I'll wrote porn for you in return? *bats eyelashes* ^_^
02 21 09 (UTC)
I liked the HP stuff, though it makes me feel slightly guilty when I'm doing nothing on my ickle firstie Merlin idea.
No Merlinella. I'm feeling left out *pouts*
Ebay? Never used it. Wouldn't dare. RL has enough temptation.
...I could *try* I suppose. It's not a strong point of mine, but I'll give it a go.

You want one of my bunnies? Full thought-out overall plot bunny, or simple prompt-type bunny? You could adopt one of my AUs?
02 21 09 (UTC)
02 21 09 (UTC)
*grins* *sprints off to post*
02 21 09 (UTC)
*dances triumphantly* :D

Also I have your drabble but I'll be posting that tomorrow (I have fic that I want to post tonight instead and I don't want to spam)
02 21 09 (UTC)
I got it first, you know *shows off in a smug and annoying manner*
02 21 09 (UTC)
ext_49278: (Default)
Merlin, the road to hell.
02 21 09 (UTC)
woldy: (Default)
Hmmm. How about Merlin/Arthur/Lancelot or Arthur/Lancelot & any or all of the prompts tattoo, heartbeat and 'what are the rules of chivalry in bed?'
02 21 09 (UTC)
Prove to me I'm not alone, and write Tamaki/Everyone ;P Then I'll admit how pathetically in love with him I am.
...and it would be really cute. Plus it would encourage you to watch more anime.
02 21 09 (UTC)
HA. You would ask for that. Alright, for the pleasure of getting you to admit to your infatuation I will strive to write it.
02 21 09 (UTC)
You're having fun with my obsessions, aren't you? What's the icon of? I'm being nosy
02 21 09 (UTC)
ext_3167: Happiness is a dragon in formaldehyde  (Default)
I'd like Morgana/Gwen, pretty plz with a cherry on top.
02 22 09 (UTC)
Do you do rpf? *hopes* If so, BRADLEY/COLIN. ANYTHING BRADLEY/COLIN. If not, than anything involving Morgana messing with Arthur and Merlin's relationship because Arthur's funny when he's denied sex.
02 22 09 (UTC)
Seconding this! :D
02 22 09 (UTC)
Ohhhh, I have quite a few prompts. Hope that's okay? They're all Merlin, of course. Lol.

Lets see:

Arthur/Merlin: Future!Fic, jealousy, sex.
Merlin/Morgana: Revenge
And any any of these threesomes, with the prompt of TIME:


Or if none of these work, choose your own.

And now for some ransom prompt words for you:

Birds, taboo, white, stars, dance, tree, magic, music, bed, inside, corset.
02 22 09 (UTC)
Wow, you are a prompting machine! *rolls up sleeves* :D
02 23 09 (UTC)
*evil cackle*

*pretends she doesn't have about 763904893 more ideas*
02 23 09 (UTC)
hi. hope this isn't awkward since i only just started reading your fic. anway, ehm, if you do merlin rps, something inspired the new gmtv interview (

and if rps isn't your thing, some sort of future/established relationship thing in which Arthur frets that Merlin only stays with him because he's meant to be a great king.

02 23 09 (UTC)
Something pervy with Arthur in a dress...? XD
02 23 09 (UTC)
Le morte d'Arthur. For real this time.

Or, for something less angsty, stargazing.
02 23 09 (UTC)
Arthur is a compulsive neat freak. Boots somehow involved.
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