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Birthdate:Feb 2, 1990
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I'm a 19-year-old Classics student (dead languages = ultimate win) with a deep, abiding love of fantasy, writing and anime and a rampant tendency to obsess over all three for inordinate amounts of time that could probably (definitely) be better spent writing essays and learning vocab. I aim one day to become a Serious and Professional Writer of Srs Ficshun but for now I'm just playing with my shiny gay fandoms and attempting valiantly to survive my degree. My other many and varied hobbies include lurking, stalking and plotting world domination through various underhanded and unlikely means (ninja pigeon army ftw, y/y?); as you can see I embrace procrastination in all its wonderful forms.


Merlin is my current fandom of choice (shooting the unicorn since 2008 and proud of it) because of its sheer campy ridiculousness. Merlin/Arthur holds my undying love: epic gay destiny - need I say more? However I'm also a shameless pairing whore and give my whole-hearted support to the omniship that is this show. Whether it be slash, het or femmeslash, all comers welcome and I know no shame. Other series of interest include Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, House, Dollhouse, Spooks, Being Human, Firefly, Doctor Who and Kings.

Fanfic Masterlist (currently all Merlin)


This journal is semi-friends-locked, with RL stuff locked and fics and most fandom-related stuff public (just to prove that I do have some sort of notion of the divide between fantasy and reality ;p). On that note feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe at will, no permission needed. I'm not locking very much these days but if you definitely want access then just drop me a line somewhere and say hi; I like to get to know people before I subject them to the details of my private life ;D

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a perfect circle, a song of ice and fire, adama/roslin, amatsuki, anime, baccano!, battlestar galactica, being human, blackadder, bleach, bloc party, bradley james, christian bale, clamp, code geass, colin morgan, dara o'brien, darker than black, david mitchell, death note, devil may cry, dollhouse, ed byrnes, eddie redmayne, epic gay destiny, failcake, fantasy, final fantasy, firefly, frankie boyle, fullmetal alchemist, gaius frakking baltar, hal duncan, hard candy, having delusions of grandeur, homoeroticism, house, house/wilson, howl's moving castle, hugh laurie, hustle when it was still good, jamie bamber, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, joe abercrombie, john/rodney, lee/kara, like minds, loveless, lucas/ros, manga, merlin, merlin/arthur, mock the week, muse, nine inch nails, ouran high school host club, pendulum, persona 3, plotting world domination, princess mononoke, procrastinating, reading, richard armitage, saiyuki, scott lynch, sga, shadow hearts, shadow of the colossus, shin megami tensei, shooting the unicorn, slash, soul eater, spirited away, spooks, stalkery poetry, stephen fry, steven erikson, supernatural, superpowers, swords, telekinesis, telepathic ninja pigeon armies, the campaign to make epicuity a real word, the gentlemen bastards, the girl who leaped through time, the leegasm, the lies of locke lamora, the malazan book of the fallen, the name of the wind, tom sturridge, tool, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, uther/morgana, vellum, video games, wild adapter, wincest, working out where to hide the bodies, writing, xxxholic, yaoi
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