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happiness meme day 6 
05 03 09
phantomjam: (Merlin/Arthur - consideration)
A couple of things that made my day today:

- Went for an evening run for the first time in a long time, which gave me a nice feeling of well-being (and yay, endorphins!)

- Had an impromptu foam-fight over the washing-up after dinner, because you know, I'm not in any way, shape or form a sensible functioning adult ;p

Other than that I'm just feeling really tired and swamped with work, and there are about 30 tabs open in my browser with fic and posts that I don't have time to read, so, short post is short. Now, sleep, that would be a good idea...
05 03 09 (UTC)
bewarethesmirk: (colin rumpled)
I'm glad you were able to go out running. :) I need to get back into going to the gym myself.

And I hate that you don't have time to read fic or posts. It sucks when you don't have time to enjoy all the wonderful fandom-y things, but maybe you can be productive and then get back to them soon.
05 03 09 (UTC)
phantomjam: (Colin - je suis loser)
Running was fuuun. It's easy to forget how good the exercise is until you get back into the habit.

I think the way my schedule looks for this term the weekends will be dire but the weekdays perversely okay. Fandom will have to wait for the weekdays. (That sounds so strange to say. Uni, why must you screw with my head so?! ;p)

Also ICON LOVE! Colin just looks so adorable ♥
05 03 09 (UTC)
bewarethesmirk: (colin grin (swoon))
Fandom will have to wait for the weekdays. (That sounds so strange to say. Uni, why must you screw with my head so?! ;p)

That is the reverse of how I would usually think of it, but yeah! :D 'Tis good to be busy on weekends - if it's the good kind of fun. *g*

And thanks for the icon love!
05 03 09 (UTC)
amalthia: (Default)
Your browser sounds a lot like mine!

I really need a nap too.
05 03 09 (UTC)
phantomjam: (Gwen - pattern)
I fear that my browser tabs are slowly starting to take over my computer (first the computer, then the WORLD!). I really need to work on reducing them...

I'm thinking naps are really the way to go. University has taught me the joy of a good power nap ♥
05 03 09 (UTC)
added you!

Foam fight \o/

Also, that last one is so me : ((
05 03 09 (UTC)
phantomjam: (BSG - unhinged Gaius)
The foam fight was so fun! Even though it totally went all over my hair and the carpet. Still, that's clearly just the mark of a good foam fight ;D

I hope you get a good night's sleep soon! Everything feels better with sleep (says the person who should really learn to take her own advice).
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