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- My early morning Catullus lecture was officially made of burning win. It basically turned out to be all about fellatio and gay sex in Catullus with an added helping of possible sparrow euphemisms ('passer', Latin for 'sparrow' is theorised to have also been a slang term for penis). Someone actually wrote an academic article entitled 'In Defence of Catullus' Dirty Sparrow'. This knowledge completes me.

- Classics is clearly the porn degree.

- Keeping up the twice-weekly running routine. I feel healthy; disturbing yet awesome.

- Booking flights for summer travel with [personal profile] xaritomene. My summer, it will be awesome ♥

- Got hit by a random fic idea while toying around with something I've got sort of half-written in which Merlin and Arthur slay the Hydra and then make out in a field - it sounded better in context, trust me - and now the general concept just won't go away. I'm thinking a fic/series of fics where Merlin and Arthur have to take on tweaked versions of the 12 labours of Heracles, Camelot-style. Probably because some bored and wandering deities decide to fuck with them for a Supa Sekrit Agenda (or, you know, just for the hell of it) and that means some juicy playing around with mythology and world-building and old foreign gods vs the Old Religion vs the New Religion, and, most importantly: Arthur having to clean out the Aegean stables, and Morgana mocking him mercilessly. Uther catching them dragging the hide of the Nemean lion through the castle and his expression of extreme wtf. Amazon queens and their girdles. HADES AND THE UNDERWORLD. Seriously guys, Merlin and Arthur in the underworld stumbling across a load of dead ancient greeks and having random 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure'-esque conversations with them! HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE? EPIC FUN Y/Y?

Aaaand that concludes the happiness meme! From here on out it's all whining and depression all the time ;p

Brief PSA: I'm appallingly behind on comments and f-listy things at the moment, so if I haven't replied to you I'm not ignoring you or anything, I'm just a bit swamped right now. I think I'll probably have a chance to catch up tomorrow though (yay, fandom stuff!).
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