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I am back, baby! 
06 02 09
phantomjam: (Default)
I am back from Barcelona! Impromptu long weekend trips abroad = SO MUCH WIN I CANNOT EVEN EXPRESS. And what do I find when I get back in town? Goooorgeous weather. Feels like I never left Spain. :D

Basically my friend and I did exactly nothing for three and a half days except loll around on various beaches, crash a pool party at a friend of a friend's place and eat lots of good food (and ridiculous, probably unhealthy amounts of steak, but oh, was it goooood). In payment for the awesome time, though, I did lose my purse somewhere along the line between the plane and getting our baggage at Birmingham airport on the return trip, which was a bitch (and I seriously have no idea how I managed it) but I've cancelled all my cards and there wasn't anything important in there, and I only had about five pounds in change in it anyway, so it's all good.

Current plans for the week: finally, finally go to see Star Trek on Thursday (being as I am one of the last people in the whole of the internets to see it); on Friday get tickets to go see Muse in Birmingham in November - I've never seen them live before so I'm pretty excited; WRITE MOAR FIC.

Currently I am hideously burnt attractively bronzed, relaxed and utterly disinclined to do any of the work that I need to catch up on, so, dear flisties, how have you been? ♥
06 03 09 (UTC)
brenna: The face of a mysterious pretty lady, in brass (Default)
I, uh. Well, now I feel less awesome. :<

But I've been pretty okay! Some angst, but I think that is behind me now!
06 08 09 (UTC)
phantomjam: (Default)
Okay, hideously late comment reply coming in here but, er, yes! Do not be jealous! My sunburn is now right at that ugly peely stage (bonus!TMI) where I am glad the weather is kind of rubbish and allows me to keep it all covered up. Thus any awesomeness I may or may not have acquired is severely compromised. Also I paid for it in all the work I had to catch up...

I'm glad the angst has passed! May it never come again.
06 08 09 (UTC)
brenna: The face of a mysterious pretty lady, in brass (Default)
Skin conditions are rarely TMI with me. If I got a sunburn, I would peel it with joy.
06 09 09 (UTC)
phantomjam: (Default)
Painful, painful joy...
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